PortAventura | Costa Caribe Water Park Expansion [ENG]

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We know about Costa Caribe Expansion since 2008 when we saw the first renders about the first expansion projects. The last year, we made an article about the rumors and news about the PortAventura Aquatic Park expansion that will be made for 2013

This month of January, PortAventura just announced to elblogdedream.com by mail, all the information about the PortAventura’s Aquatic Park expansion for the 2013 season, when the aquatic park will be change again his name. Now, the park’s name will be “Costa Caribe Aquatic Park”

The Project

The project will a complete renovation and extension for the park, because the projects means an expansión of 14.000 square meter (1,4 hectares / 3,5 acres), reaching that way the 50.000 square meter total the surface of the aquatic park (5 hectares / about 12 acres). We can made and idea about the expansion, because Sesame Street kids land that opened in 2011, is about 13.000 square meter.

When the expansion will be open in May, Costa Caribe Aquatic Park will have 16 attractions / slides, 8500 square meter (0,8 hectares / 1,4 acres) and 5000 square meter of green and relax areas (0,5 hectares / about 1 acre)

The expansion has a €10 million budget and it’s framed in the investment plan approvved by Invest Industrial (the main owner) in November 2012, when Invest Industrial bought the 50% shares to La Caixa, and I.Industrial becomes the sole shareholder of PortAventura.  This investment plan it’s about €75 in 4 years.


New Slides

Free Fall Slide: The most exciting slide in the park, will be one of the new slides that we will enjoy this summer. It will be the highest free fall in Europe with 31 meters HIGH (101 feet) and a droop of 55ºand with a speed of 6 meters / second (19 feets/second)

Multi Bump Slide: Next to the highest free fall slide, there will be a second slide with two fast slope’s changes, with 19,64 (62 feet) meters high and 100 meters long (328 feet)

ProRacer Competition Slide. At the other side of the expansion, Costa Caribe Aquatic Park will have a slide of 6 lines where adults and childrens could ride together. This will have some slope’s changes and fun water jumps . This is one of the most traditional slides in aquatic parks.



New Pools

Childrens Pool: The new pool for the childrens, will have two different levels with a deep between 30cms – 50 cms. The most important in this pool, will be the  Pirates Ship themed in Sesame Street characters and 4 mini slides for childs.  Also, next to the swimming pool there will be and Splash Pad with interactive fountains

Adults Pool: The new pool for the adults, will be a relax pool and not a waves pool. This new pool, will be conected tot he childrens pool by a waterfall, and we can relax in water beds and invigorating water effects.

Also, the Costa Caribe expansion will have a new snack bar near the swimming pools, hammocks, pergolas, and a more than 50 plant’s species and palms, that will take you to the Caribbean Sea.




Project’s Model

2013 Seasson

Costa Caribe Aquatic Park will be open the 18th of May and will be closed the 29th of September. The price of one day ticket it’s €28 for an adult and €22 for childrens and senior. Remember that PortAventura has a special ticket for 3 days / 2 parks.


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